Sunset SUP!

I'm a new fan of stand up paddleboarding (SUP) during sunset! My friend Claudia recently came to visit from Italy and I thought she needed a fun break from the cold, so I suggested SUP! SUP is also known as Hoe he'e nalu with it's Hawaiian roots.

It's an adventure SUPing, not knowning exactly when a wave might sneak up on you! That's the beauty of it, because it really forces you to surrender yourself to the ocean and move with the waves, and just feel it.

                            Green bikini in video is by Tom Caruso. Location: Eden Rock.

Believe it or not but this is an inflatable paddle board by Tower! It's a nice workout pumping it up with air ;-)

Shorts are by Athleta. Enjoy and get paddling everyone! :-)


Tis the Season for St Barts!

I'm not sure how I was the only passenger on a private jet via Tradewind Aviation today, but I enjoyed the moment! Since learning the Latin Hustle recently, I can't stop dancing! I got completely lost in my own dance on this flight! Thank God the pilot was able to concentrate! We made it to St Barts in one piece! Whew! :-)

Enjoy the video and some stills of the landing!

Quick shot from the cockpit with today's pilot from Puerto Rico! Let's hear it for PR!
Even with my dancing, we had a smooth landing!

There's something about winter sunsets! Truly paradise!
Just magical! 


Winter Yogi - In My Element :)

During the winter season, we all need motivation to get that body moving! It's so comfortable to sleep in and lounge at a fireplace! Even if its cold outside, I encourage you all to give yoga a try if you haven't already! Anyone can workout indoors during the winter, but let's be adventurous! Push yourself to do some workouts outside! You don't even need to own a mat to do yoga; just be creative! You can challenge yourself with poses on rocks, a fallen tree, etc! Doing yoga on a tree was amazing! Talk about balance and core! Wow!

Feels great to warm up the body with a jog or jump rope first, then get some good stretches in!

This is a great stretch I learned from barre classes! It's easy to get lost in this pose!

Enjoying the view in a semi pigeon pose.

Brought a yoga mat just in case!

Forget the mat! All about this tree! Kid at heart! Weeeeeeeeee!

I forgot it was 20 degrees out! Haha, having a blast!

Let's do some quick climbing!
Found another spot for a quick stretch!

Now time for some yoga!

Warrior II pose!

Catch me if you can!

Imaging the sun being out... come out sun, flirt with us!

Off to more yoga! Be inspired, do yoga! Your body will thank you! Then celebrate with hot tea!

Photography: Sandra Brandi Kelly



Thanksgiving is my favorite time of the year! No matter where everyone is in the world, as a family we find a way to connect and break bread together. Usually, I spend this special time of the year where my roots are, in Washington D.C. I'm happy to be in a place that will always feel like home :-)

This time is also about giving; giving your heart freely to anyone in need. My heart melts when this happens! I encourage you all to be open and abundant in giving back; let your love pour out to dark places in the world that need light.

I'm grateful for the ability to travel so much and love sharing the beauty of the world with you! Enjoy some snapshots of my family and special places that I have been blessed to see. Xoxo, Kristine :-)

Getting ready for the Thanksgiving feast as a lil one! My nickname is "Krissy" here ;-)

Enjoying Memorial Day Weekend with my mom, dad and brother Rob "Bobby". 

Bobby and I enjoying DC around Christmas time.
My sister Jen and I at my wedding ;-)
My cute nephew Justin and I goofing around! Kid at heart!

My two little angels, sweet Darcy (goddaughter) and Autumn (niece).

Justin and Autumn at my wedding, love these two!
My engagement in St Barts (that's why this island has such a special meaning). 

An engagement photo of Chris and I.
Having the time of my life at my wedding in Santorini, Greece.
Santorini is my favorite place on earth! Truly magical in every way! 

Santorini was a dream come true!

Riding a donkey in Petra, Jordan.

Respecting the conservative culture of Jordan, wearing a hijab.

Exploring the beauty of Trinidad and Tobago.

On a deserted beach in Tobago, its wise to make friends with anyone who carries a machete!

This is where I had my first coconut water! Heavenly!

Our honeymoon in Capri, Italy.
Capri is filled with romance, just breathtaking! 

So much history in Israel, in awe here! Such a spiritual journey on this trip.

Capturing memories in Roma!

Making a wish in Roma.

and back to St. Barts. My favorite place to soak it all in!

I'm grateful for all of you! Have an amazing Thanksgiving! xoxo, KK


Island Hopping for More Beach Tennis, Baby!

Woo hoo! Let the ITF Beach Tennis Tournaments continue! It's packed with so much excitement and energy on the island of Sint Maarten (SXM)! So many tourists learned about this sport for the first time, which was amazing! Spread the word so we can have beach tennis courts everywhere to play!

Here's a quick video of some fun moments in SXM!

Did I say it was packed! Crowds from all over were watching the tournament from the beach and ocean!

World champion, Alessandro Calbucci is the winner of this tournament!
Great form and focus here!
Meanwhile, there was a cardboard boat competition happening!
Peace from KK and friend, Alessandro, representing Tom Caruso!

What we're trying to say is..."we love beach tennis"! Haha, too much sun!

Sports bra by Athleta, shorts by Tom Caruso

Calbucci never loses sight of that ball! Complete commitment here!

Ohhhh, which racket should I play with next?!
One of the Banana Boat girls kept all of the players and guests hydrated with a cooling spray all day long!

Are you ready?! Let's play!