Beauty of Prayer

 As a child of God, I love to find quiet time during the day to pray. One of my favorite places to pray is on a hike or at the beach! There is so much to be thankful for, especially our health, relationships and talents we have been gifted with.

"Faith and prayer are the vitamins of the soul, man cannot live in health without them."-Mahalia Jackson.

In addition to listing out goals for 2014, I encourage you to also write down your gifts and how you will use them this year. It will require time, focus and commitment; just watch how things will prosper when you do what you love :-) Personally, I love to inspire others with creative ways to live a healthy lifestyle and share beauty from around the world! Enjoy some photos I took on a recent hike in Anse de Grand Fond, St Barth.

Millions of rocks of all shapes and sizes on this beach!

Being here makes me want to learn how to paint. It's an artist's paradise!

Can't get enough of this view... listening to the sound of waves is so relaxing!

I love seeing the waves crash again the rocks! It's like a dance, imagine upbeat music here!

After hiking along the rocky coastline, you come to a magical place. 

Anse de Grand Fond is very quiet and known for it's natural pools.

A great place to just be and pray, soaking it all in. 

I did say rocky, right!?

The colors are surreal! All of these photos are raw and untouched :-)
xoxo, KK


Fight Modern-Day Slavery!

As many of you know, today is Human Trafficking Awareness Day. I encourage you to be aware of this monstrosity. With an estimated 27 billion in bondage around the world, there are more slaves today than at any other point in history, according to the Trafficking in Persons Report 2013. "We cannot do everything, but everyone can do something." -Darren -A21 Supporter. Source: The A21 Campaign.

Last year I was led to co-write a screenplay about this very subject, based on true stories coming from models and friends of friends who have witness or who were victims in this heinous crime. This year, my goal is to bring "Model Deception" to life. I'm in early stages of working on a crowd-funding campaign to finish this film. "Model Deception" is meant to be a voice for victims and build awareness of human trafficking. The film is slated to be shot in Miami Beach.

Let's all do something about this, rather than look the other way. 

Behind the scenes of "Model Deception."
Playing the role of Chloe, the shelter in the storm for the young models.

Kristine Kelly, Joy Corrigan, Stefanie Nazoyan, Janet Murphy and Katrina Spencer.


Island Girl Fitness!

As busy as we are focusing on accomplishing our goals for the new year, don't forget to leave some time to workout your body, stretch your mind and fill your spirit with fresh air. 

Get inspired as soon as you wake up, or just before sunset! Whenever it's possible, I like to squeeze in a quick workout outside. My goal is to sweat every day! Believe me, your body desires this too!

Here's a fifteen second video from the beach gym of the day!

I hiked down to this beach with a backpack filled with a medicine ball, light weights, water and almond butter!
Time to work the abs after that huge lunch I just demolished!
Enjoying the view while I do squats with the medicine ball!

                                                          Location: Anse des Cayes, Saint Barthélemy.

                                                                               Bisous, bisous! KK


Bring in the New Year with a Splash!

A new year, a renewed you! Cheers to a healthy and abundant new year that radiates with love and new beginnings! As I reflect on last year, I'm grateful to friends and those around me who have inspired me to embrace plant-based food. I have a deep passion for creating dishes that are healthy and packed with flavor! 

With this new year, I encourage you to really focus on loving and nourishing your body. We all have different needs and cravings; sugar is something a lot of us struggle with. Early last year, I discovered I was borderline pre-diabetic so I made some major changes. I decided to cut out caffeine, refined sugar and meat and what a difference this has made! It's amazing how alive you feel after eating quality food from mother nature that you put into a dish with love! Also, in regards to sugar, I know a lot of you are probably going for a juice cleanse after the holiday indulgences. Just a note, to be careful what you are juicing in terms of sugar. Some juices are loaded with fruits, which is also high in sugar... so try making a smoothie instead or just eat the raw fruit with some nuts or granola on the side to help break down the sugar.

Hope you make the most out of each day in 2014! Allow yourself to dream and be happy wherever you are in life :-)  

Sharing the beauty of the island life that I'm currently spending time in.

Wardrobe in video: Tee by Pure of Heart Bikini by La Perla

Fun cooking video with Crazy Carmen on making roasted carrots, naturally sweetened with coconut oil. Also, some fun uses for the oil!

Wardrobe: Top and bottom by Free People

Dancing the day and night away!

Love, love, love the beach! There's nothing like it!

Haha, I got splashed! Love how the waves flirt!

Hurrying back before another wave takes me!

Back to dancing!

Ah oh! I see you! Another wave is coming fast!

Wanna play?!

Take that!

Live, Laugh, Love :-) Xoxo, KK


Merry Kiss-Mas!

Bisous des St Barth! I want to wish you all a beautiful and Merry Christmas! May this season bring you precious time to share with those you love, and may peace warm all of your hearts! I adore you and appreciate you for following my blog! 

Enjoy this video with sounds of the ocean dedicated to you as Santa's assistant!
xoxo, KK ;-)

Wardrobe: Trashy


Loving the winter sea breeze!

Even Santa's helper needs some sunbathing time!

Okay time to deliver presents! Are you ready!?

May you all experience the beauty of Christmas!

Xoxo, KK

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