Fav Spots in St. Barths 

This is the view I woke up to each morning, since Wednesday :-) I would go for a jog to the rock and hike early in the morning - the sunshine would wake me up with kisses!

My breakfast spot every morning...I would walk over here and pick up a cappuccino and fresh croissant! You have to get there early before they run out of the croissants :-) 
Wardrobe: Sunglasses by Tom Ford, Top by Millau

You can order rose pretty much anytime, all morning, all day long. This is at Restaurant O'Corail in Grand Cul-de-Sac.

Enjoying the view from O'Corail's over my second bottle of rose...or third :-)
Everybody needs a good dive bar, yup this is my dive spot in downtown Gustavia :-)

You can't go wrong with feet in the sand over lunch at "Do Brazil." Ladies can comfortably swim topless while enjoying refreshing cocktails. Who needs tan lines!? Topless tanning is the way to go!


Bonjour de St. Barths!

    Bonjour de St. Barths! Just getting off my charter flight and heading over to Nikki Beach in St. Jean :-)

Travel Wardrobe:  La Perla caftan, Dita shades, Club Monaco shorts and Matiko sandals.

For this trip, I highly recommend loose fitted clothing and sandals (for those of you who know me, I'm always wearing heels... leave those at home when doing a getaway in St. Barths!)

 For all young moms: looks like the way to enjoy the ocean with your little one, is to have one of those cute blue floaties with a built in umbrella. You get a nice workout in and protect your baby from the sun :-)

  You're never too young to start having a beachside cocktail!

Ahhhh, beautiful St. Barths! Not sure if you can see in this photo, but there was a dude doing SUP, while a girl was sunbathing on his board. A new way to sunbath, have someone paddle you around as you soak in the golden rays :-) 


Stretch it Out!

I'm about to board an airplane overseas again! 
In order to stay refreshed and relaxed in between travel and shooting, it's so important to STRETCH! This is one of my favorite stretches after a long flight or simply after rocking heels all day/night :-)
I will demonstrate the "Side Waist Stretch."
Sometimes we overlook stretching the waist.
Stretching plays an important role in exercise program. Waist stretches are wonderful! They promote blood circulation to your muscles and they increase their elasticity. These stretches also improve your body's functional performance, helping you to become more flexible and less prone to injuries. Very important before sparring.

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Straight to the Core

In between my intense MMA training and fight choreography, I enjoy balancing my rigorous training regimen with yoga to stay centered with Master Yoga Instructor: Allaine Stricklen of Gentle Therapeutics Yoga.

Upavistha Konasana, pronounced upa-veeshta kon-aasana, (meaning seated angle pose) has the following benefits: (provided by

  -It opens the hips while stretching out the entire back side of the body - legs, back, arms.
-It stretches the insides of the legs.
-It stimulates the abdominal organs.
-It strengthens the spine.
-It releases the groin.
-Apparently it calms the brain.

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