Kristine Kelly’s debut performance was in a national spot for “The Pavement” on ShoNext of Showtime Networks in 2000. She appeared on the 7th Season of ‘The Bachelor,’ ‘The Bachelor: Women Tell All,’ and numerous commercials, stage plays, and independent feature films. 

Kristine Kelly was born and raised in the diverse suburbs of Washington, DC. As the daughter of a DC police officer with her mother a former fashion model; her parents also owned a Roll Royce Limousine Company and transported Kristine to school and a myriad of other rendezvous, including red carpets and champagne socials by security-level drivers, fitted with earpieces and pro surveillance gear.

Despite available luxury accouterments, Ms. Kelly was quite the tomboy as a young girl. She could be spotted at stakeouts, comfortable at shooting ranges, riding horseback, catching frogs, hiking, climbing trees, and dirt bike racing, all while watching her favorite nightly shows, “America’s Most Wanted” and “COPS”… bad girls bad girls…whatcha gonna do when they come for you? 

Don’t be mistaken by her seductive smile, Kristine is a former special investigator, and spent years interrogating subjects. 

As a Stunt woman performing high falls, precision driving, and stage fighting, Kelly is also an expert in firearms, and mixed martial arts including jeet kune do, muay thai, savate, filipino kali, krav maga, etc.  

With a successful career as an actress, model and fitness enthusiast, Kristine Kelly is focusing on action films and representing name brands that encourage fitness and wellbeing as a lifestyle.