Sherri Saum's Baby Shower! #tbt

Photo Credit: Xochi Blymyer 
Recently my friend Sherri Saum celebrated her baby shower with her family, closest friends and some co-stars and crew from "The Fosters" family. 

I was warmly greeted at the bottom of the driveway with a golf cart driver who escorted my up the hill to her shower! Upon arrival, I was offered cucumber infused water, and healthy treats. 

It's still hard to believe that Sherri is having twin boys; she's so tiny! I was amazed that she was rocking high heels and so gracefully. No prego waddle walks here! It's all about living a healthy lifestyle; she eats really healthy and still works out to maintain her form. 

“This was an amazing day with friends and family. These boys are going to be surrounded by love!”
 -Sherri Saum (ABC News).

There were about 35 guests who attended like Teri Polo, who plays Sherri’s wife on "The Fosters." Sherri’s co-stars Maia Mitchell and Madisen Beaty were also there to celebrate, as well as Saum’s former “One Life to Live” co-star and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” actress Melissa Fumero.

She offered treats for us to take home consisting of mini baby bottles filled with blue and green jelly bellies and Michelle Haute Chocolate bars.

I'm so excited for her and can't wait to babysit! :-)

Photo Credit: Anamaria Brandt 

I love the styling and cute messages around her garden.

With friends Karen, Malek and Hannah.

Photo Credit: Lois Saum.


20 Fun Facts About KK

Photo Credit: Orlando Fernandez
Did YOU know:

1. I had a Top-Secret Security Clearance. If I tell you how I obtained it, I'll have to kill...

2. I've been in the Pentagon a dozen times as a Special Investigator. I was an investigator for ICE, CBP and OPM.

3. My favorite books growing up were the Nancy Drew mysteries.

4. I used to be a total tomboy, having a blast playing with my brother and his toys in our sand castle. We competed on who could catch the most frogs in our pond.

5. In middle school I was a major Prankster! I would write love letters to the mean boys telling them to meet a mystery girl at a location after school, etc.

6. Was voted "Biggest Flirt" in High School. Oh la la!

7. Favorite vacation spot growing up was Laguna Beach, CA. 

8. Directed and Produced a local (Washington, DC metro) teen soap opera, Teen Escape at the age of 16.

9. I got my SAG-AFTRA card by doing stunts in Transformers.

10. I grew up on 10 acres in Northern VA, raising chickens, ducks, pot-bellied pigs, siamese kittens, golden retrievers, etc. My first job was at Heather Hill Gardens helping with the plants and produce. I remember wanting to work here because it was voted the best job to get an awesome tan since you're outdoors the entire time. It was all about the tan!

11. I didn't start cooking until about two years ago. 

12. I'm currently a vegetarian who is mostly plant based.

13. My first national spot was for Showtime Next for The Pavement in 2000. I was scouted by a Director of Photography at a Comedy Central party in NY. 

14. I was in a major car accident in NYC about 10 years ago that almost cost me my life because i did not wear my seatbelt. I hit the windshield with the crown of my head, with only a minor concussion. I was blessed that I was protected and there was not one visible scratch on my face or body. 

15. I was on the seventh season of The Bachelor with Charlie O'Connell, but please note that my character was semi-scripted. Shhhhhh! 

16. My first magazine appearance was in FHM July 2005 issue modeling lingerie.

17. I 'm a helpless romantic at heart. I wrote a song and performed it for my hubby and guests at our wedding in Santorini, Greece. More on in Wedding Style Magazine.

18. My favorite travel destination in the world is Santorini, Greece. It's beyond magical!

19. I recently co-wrote and produced a short film called, Model Deception. It's currently in pre-production.

20. My most viewed video on youtube is called Rude Boy, which I also produced.

Xoxo, KK


Top 3 Vegan Spots in LA

In case you haven't heard, I'm going for a 30 day Vegan Challenge. While I was in LA, I discovered these delicious vegan spots on the westside. I have yet to explore the rest of LA east of the 405, as new spots are popping up all the time! It's great having friends who enjoy eating clean because they are always recommending new places to try each time I visit their neighborhood.

1. Cafe Gratitude, Venice Beach

This is the place that peaked my interest on learning more about eating and cooking vegan cuisine. I love the vibe here and look forward to the "question of the day." You can park in the underground parking lot and get your ticket validated for complimentary parking, which is helpful since Venice can get crowded around brunch, lunch or dinnertime.

2. Sage Organic Vegan Bistro, Culver City

I love the casual environment here, with both indoor and outdoor seating. It was so good that I cam here for brunch and dinner! This spot has a great variety of cooked plant-based dishes packed with tons of flavor! If you make rezzies for a Thursday or Sunday, you can enjoy live music while dining here. Follow them on Instagram for more details. You can enjoy complimentary valet parking, so you don't have to stress about parking.

3. Crossroads, West Hollywood

This spot is perfect if you are looking for an ambiance that is a bit more formal and romantic. Here are photos of some exquisite bites. Its a bit pricier here, but totally worth it for a sharing a meal with someone special.

Artichoke "oysters" is a must have. Love the creativity here.

Beet and Citrus Salad is almost too pretty to eat!
Let me know if you recommend any other vegan spots in your neighborhood. Do you have any advice for a newbie like me?

Xoxo, KK


Go Green, Eat Clean!

Muromachi, Tokyo. 
Did you know there are so many options for eating organic, vegetarian and even vegan in Japan? I was amazed at how many great farmers markets this city has to offer. One of the largest farmers markets in Tokyo is called, United Nations University Farmers Market. It's located between the trendy Harajuku and super-bustling Shibuya. Live music was playing as you stroll through the beautifully colored aisles  of fruits, veggies, flowers, grains, etc. 

Wanna visit this market? It's open every Saturday and Sunday from 10am-4pm. If you're around on the third Saturday of the month, check out their "night market." from 4pm-8pm, they have healthy dishes, homemade edibles, and live music. Don't be surprised if you start hearing karaoke too! 
Got the Happy Cow app? Good news! It works in Japan! There were easily over a hundred options of places to eat vegetarian or vegan, in case you're not pescatarian. 

Here are some fun snaps I took along the way to the farmers market!
Getting a subway ticket for Ginza!

Off to explore Ginza and look for healthy eats.

Did I just see organic?! Yes!

Natural House Aoyama Organic Mart is one of the largest organic stores in Japan! 

I'm loving this market!

The three magic words!
Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Let's all go green and eat clean! Cheers to Organic for all!
xoxo, KK


Land of the Rising Sun!

Sunrise in downtown Tokyo, POV: Mandarin Oriental.

Kon'nichiwa Friends!

I've been traveling through Japan the last couple of weeks and can't wait to share all of the exciting adventures from this beautiful country! It's a trip of a lifetime, and if you ever get an opportunity, go! I'm grateful that my hubby included me on this trip with Sake Brewery Tours! Our host, Etsuko Nakamura has been so helpful in organizing all of these unique excursions! We are on our way to becoming experts in the world of sake! 

Here are a couple of videos of my latest workout discovery here! Who knew that taiko drumming could be such an incredible workout! It's so beautiful to watch!

Kodō is a professional taiko drumming group based in Sado Island, Japan. Getting trained by Kodō drummer master, Shinichi Sogo at the Sado Island Taiko Centre. The word Kodō, refers to "heartbeat" or "children of the drum." 

It's important to get the right form locked in before pounding the drums. Some of the forms are similar to the ones I use in martial arts. It's all about playing from the core and putting your whole body into it, with a playful spirit :)

Arigatō, KK :-)